“Golden Jets” offers a wide range of private jets in different sizes and specs to the customers. Using our services offers careful planning in order to comply as best as possible with the requirements given by the client with still maintaining a high level of service. All of our aircraft are duel engine private jets with luxurious cabins and very high flight service. During the flight, the food and drinks are served by a kind and well-trained team. We also offer the option of using VIP lounges at the airports and the option of a private hire transport outside of the airports.

מטוס פרטי

נוסעים Hawker 4000 – 10

מטוס מנהלים מסוג גולף סטרים

 נוסעים Gulfstream G4 – 14

Private jet plane flying above clouds in sunset

נוסעים Beechcraft 4000 – 10

Small plane lands on a runway at sunset in the evening.

נוסעים Challenger 350 – 10

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