Golden Jets

Expertise in luxurious private jets flight all over the world
We have an extensive fleet of private jets in order to offer our clients the best possible aircraft for their needs. The flight route and schedule are planned based on the requirements provided by the clients.
Our fleet is maintained according to the authority’s guidelines and manufacture’s specifications. During the flight, the passengers are served by experienced flight attendants and pilots with hundreds of flight hours.
Our operations center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A different flight experience while fulfilling the client’s requests in the best possible way – always Golden Jets!


Executive Flights

We offer VIP flights in modern private jets all over the world


Cargo Flights

We can fly sensitive cargo, HAZMAT materials, letters and parcels, personal belongings and valuable items


Medical Flights

We operate ambulance jets with all of the necessary equipment in order to safely transport the patients to their destination

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